What's .ZIPX?

ZIPX (.zipx) is a file extension for a compressed file that can be created/opened with WinZip (they first introduced the format) or Bitzipper. A Zipx file is basically a zip file but created using advanced compression methods, supported in the latest version of WinZip and also by other zip utilities (Bitzipper is the latest one to add ZIPX support). Because of these new compression methods introduced by WinZip, zipx is practically the smallest zip files up to date.

With the latest version of WinZip you will create .zipx files by default, but if you want you can still choose to create "Legacy Zip 2.0" compressed files that are more common and for which there are more utilities available.

ZIPX was introduced as a default compression method starting with WinZip 14 which was released in May 2009. To be more specific, the .zipx file is a .zip file that uses one of the following compression methods based on the content to be archived: PPMd, WavPack, LZMA, or bzip2. This results in a smaller size for the archive, since images will be compressed using an image compression algorithm, multimedia files will be compressed using a more adequate method and so on.

How to open a .zipx file (unzip zipx files)

Bitzipper can be downloaded using the instructions below, and with it you will be able to open and extract the contents of the zipx file. To open/extract a zipx file:

  • Download and install the latest version of Bitzipper
  • Once you have Bitzipper installed open it and go to File->Open
  • Browse to the location of the .zipx file and select it
  • Once you can see the contents of the .zipx file click on Extract To and select a location where to unpack the .zipx file
Once Bitzipper is installed you can extract a zipx file by right-clicking it and selecting Extract To or Extract here. There are other programs that can open/extract zipx files, and probably most zip utilities will support this format very soon.

How to create a .zipx file

You can create .zipx files using Bitzipper, WinZip or other zip utilities that support the .zipx format. To create a zipx file:

  • Download and install the latest version of Bitzipper if you don't have it already
  • Select the files that you want to archive and compress in a .zipx format
  • Once they're selected right-click and choose Add to archive...
  • This will let you choose a name and a location where to save the newly created .zipx file
Of course that you can use the classic wizard to create .zipx files with Bitzipper or WinZip, simply go to File-New and follow the guide. There are other programs that can create zipx files, and probably most zip utilities will support this format very soon.

Programs that support the .zipx format

Since the .zipx file format is rather new, not many zip utilities support it, but more are adopting it and soon most likely all of them will support it. These are the programs that are compatible with the .zipx format (can create and extract from a .zipx file):

  • Bitzipper is the latest zipx utility that added support for opening/creating ZIPX files, this link will let you obtain it for free through trialpay: Free Bitzipper
  • WinZip (Standard or Professional) or above
  • StuffIt Deluxe® 2011 (hybrid, works on Mac and Windows) (if you want to create/open zipx files on a Mac or want to open zipx on Windows using Stuffit and not Winzip)
  • PowerArchiver 2010 also added recently support for ZIPX files (lzma, bz2, wavpack and ppmd), so if you already have it use PowerArchiver to open zipx files and extract their content
  • PKZIP and SecureZIP (created by PKWARE) offer now support for ZIPX
  • 7ZIP supports now zipx files too, even if it's not officially mentioned on the website (starting with 7-zip v9.18). You can download the latest version of it here: 7ZIP 9.21
  • if you're aware of other zip utilities that introduced support for zipx send an email to

Since the ZIPX file format is rather newly introduced by WinZIP, there are few zip utilities supporting it (WinRAR doesn't support ZIPX yet, neither does 7Zip). Thus, if you happen to encounter a corrupt zipx file you cannot repair it since no zipx repair utilities are yet available, so the only option is to go back and repackage the files (if you still have them) and only after that re-create the zipx archive.

Extract ZIPX files using WinZip (video)

Extract ZIPX files using Bitzipper (video)

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